5 Stunning Modern Bathroom Ideas to Consider for Your New Home

17 January, 2019 - BY Champion Homes


Creating the perfect bathroom for your new home takes a fine attention to detail. 

Use our 5 tips for modern bathroom ideas to help you solidify your design.


Buying a new home is exciting, especially the design process. You're probably planning the design of your living room, bedroom, and kitchen.

But what about the bathroom? Do you see the bathroom as the place where you do numbers one and two? Or do you see the bathroom as the epitome of beauty and creativity?


bathroom 1-1


But how do you implement amazing bathroom design? It's time to get those creative juices flowing. Here are 5 modern bathroom ideas to complete your new home's design.



1. Your Shower Head is More Important Than You Think


The shower is one of the most exquisite aspects of the bathroom.




It's where you wind down, bathe, and enjoy yourself. You start the day with a hot shower and end the day with a relaxing bath. So why not splurge a little on the shower and bath?

Start with your shower head. The right shower head will dramatically change the look of your shower -- and can alter your showering experience, too.


2. Get Creative With Wallpaper

Most homeowners opt for tile bathroom walls. Why not get a little spunky and choose cool wallpaper? The latest bathroom trends are cool and funky designs, and unique wallpaper compliments this trend perfectly.




Choose a wallpaper with an awesome design. But keep a colour palette in mind -- your wallpaper should match the rest of your bathroom design.


3. Terracotta Tile is Timeless


If you decide to go with tile for the walls and flooring, choose terracotta tile over other tile options.




Terracotta tile is stunning in all bathrooms and you can implement a myriad of colours and designs. This is why terracotta tile is a timeless tiling option.


4. Spice Up a Small Bathroom


Expert design tricks shouldn't only be confined to the master bathroom. The guest bathroom and other bathrooms should also be stylish. You can easily apply modern design trends to a small or narrow guest bathroom.

smal bathroom comp


Use bold and crazy wallpaper to bring out some character. Strong colours such as black will make any small bathroom pop.


5. Be a Square

Remember the old saying, "don't be a square?"

This no longer applies. Why? Because square everything is in-style. And squares are perfect in bathroom design.

Find square and rectangular-shaped bathroom decor such as soap dispensers. Buy towels with square prints.




Take These Modern Bathroom Ideas to a New Level


Bathroom design is as important as any other room.

If you're stumped on design options, take these modern bathroom ideas to heart.

The key to bathroom design is the small details. The colours, designs, and materials matter. But so do the small fixtures and the little decor items, such as shower heads, soap dispensers, and towels.

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