8 Trends that Bring Your Hobbies to a New Home

25 November, 2017 - BY Champion Homes


There are three ways that most people define themselves.

What they do for a living, their relationships with others, and what they do for recreation. Hobbies are more than just relaxation activities, they're a reflection of who we really are. Most people have multiple talents and interests and chose to pursue a career that involves only one or two of them, but there's no reason to abandon the rest!

Whether you love baking, carpentry, playing games, or performing music, these are the things you do at home to enjoy yourself and continue to grow as a person. If you're building a new home, you have every reason to make a space for your favorite hobbies.

This will not only make the home more 'yours', it will also help you to love every moment living there.

In fact, the current trend is to build your home and follow your dreams with a single stroke of strategic planning. No matter what your favorite hobbies and pastimes are, there's a design technique to flatter it.

1) Entertainer Kitchen

Do you love to cook, bake, or experiment in the kitchen? If so, know that you're not alone. Home chefs have been trying to design the perfect kitchen for centuries you have a vast array of options to choose from. If you love to talk to family and maybe put on a little show when you cook, then the entertainer's kitchen is the perfect design choice for you.

The primary design features a spacious island that faces out into an open living room area, backed with barstools so your audience can come and chat or help you with ingredient management. A stove top embedded in your side of the island makes the scene complete so you can even serve pancakes right over the island to waiting family members.

2) Personal Training Gym

Maintaining your personal fitness is an important goal for anyone, but some people really love to exercise at home beyond simple healthy necessity. If you love workout machines, dance, martial arts, or even yoga, you might consider converting your rumpus room space into a personal training gyminstead.

You can line the walls with mirrors, put wood panels and/or pads on the floor, and bring in special equipment for your personal favorite kind of workout. Ballet bars, workout machines, and even some gymnastics equipment can be enjoyably installed to help you enjoy the ultimate workout routine without having to leave the house.

3) Garage Workshop

If you love to get deep into a DIY project and have your own collection of tools, then a home workshop may be the best home design choice for you.




Workshops are best built in a garage space where you're protected from the outside elements but the 'nice' part of the house is protected from the materials and tools you'll be using.

All you need to make the perfect home workshop for carpentry, electrical, vehicle, and miscellaneous projects is a home design that includes a two-car garage. Simply take over half of the garage with a few extra outlets, lights, and maybe a sink. With a few shelves and tables, you've got a cozy place to tinker all year long.

4) Writer's Retreat

Many people simply love putting pen to page, or these days, fingers to keyboard. Whether you keep a detailed journal, write personal observations, do independent research, or are working on a novel, the best place to write is always somewhere you've built to your exact personal preferences. The right amount of light, the right kind of desk and comfy chair to match.

Rather than building a traditional study, work with your builders to design the perfect writer's retreat. Perhaps in the room with the best windows or some darkened inner room where you're sure not to be disturbed.

5) Crafts and Sewing Room

Once a skillset that ruled the world, the at-home artisans are still going strong making beautiful hand-made gifts, scrap books, toys, and even tools and clothing. If you are a whiz with the glue gun and sewing needle, you know that these crafts tend to take up their own space whether you want them to or not. You might as well plan to make your own crafts and sewing room in a place with good light and plenty of organized storage.

6) Barbecue Pit

Not everyone identifies their love of cooking with an indoor kitchen and men are especially prone to love grilling meat on an open flame while remaining indifferent to roasting it in a pan.

However, for some grilling is not just a way to eat juicy steak, it's an art form. If you have been working on perfecting your flame grilled technique for years, why not make a space for your delicious hobby in the backyard with your own built-in barbeque pit?

7) Personal Studio

Some people are drawn to artistic pursuits that are often difficult to share with others until a work is complete.

Painting, sculpting, or writing and performing music are among these hobbies that many people pick up in school and never forget even if their careers go elsewhere. If you need a private space to pursue your art, there should be a special place in your new home just for this. Don't forget that modern artistic pursuits tend to require a lot of power outlets and you might want to record your work eventually.

From podcasting to painting masterpieces, a personal studio is a wonderful design addition to any artist's home.

8) Secret Library


Maybe your hobby isnt' productive so much as infinitely educational. Some people love nothing more than to read in a room filled with books. If you've always wanted a secret personal library, now is your chance. Build shelves into every section of wall in one of your new home's rooms and fill it to the rafters with lovely aging books.

The good news is that this is cheaper than ever as e-books plummet the price of real paper volumes.

Your hobbies are part of who you are.

They are what you look forward to after work and you miss them when they're not available. Give your hobbies a permanent place in your new home with just a touch of custom design. For more tips and tricks on designing a new home and bringing hobbies to a new home, contact us today!

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