Building a Duplex

19 March, 2019 - BY Champion Homes

More and more Sydney residents and investors are looking to duplexes as great alternatives to conventional houses.


What is a Duplex?  

A duplex is a residential building that contains two separate homes.

These two homes share a common wall but the inhabitants enter through separate entrances, meaning they’re completely different spaces occupied by different people.


Each family has their privacy and don’t need to feel bothered by people in the home next door. They can come in various shapes and sizes, but they all share that basic description above. You can find out more about their appeal below.


The Advantages Of Duplexes


Clarende Signle Storey Duplex


Now that you know what a duplex is, it’s time to talk about why you might want to consider building one and what advantages are associated with them.


A Full Sized Home

There’s no compromise with a Duplex.  Modern designs make each duplex just a big, modern and full of features as a stand-alone house.  You’re really only limited by your imagination, the size of your land and your budget.


Kitchen Dining Lounge 2a U1


You Can Find Tenants

Many people who decide to build duplexes on their land simply live in one of the units while finding tenants to rent out the other unit attached to it.

This gives them the advantage of becoming a landlord, while also having their own living space that they can continue to occupy. Of course, there’s also the option of finding two lots of tenants and filling both of the homes in the building that way too if you want to. It’s up to you as the owner.


Boost Your Income

One of the main advantages of renting out one or both of the homes is that you’ll give your income a significant boost.

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Become Mortgage-Free Quicker


If you do decide to rent out one of the homes and live in the other, you will make it much easier and faster to pay off your mortgage.

This is obviously appealing to a lot of people because it’s easy to get weighed down and overwhelmed by mortgage debt when it’s been hanging around your neck for a long time. If you have one eye on your retirement, you can very easily use this technique to ensure your mortgage is paid off before retirement arrives.

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Make Extra Room for Extended Family


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Many people want to have the extra private space that’s uniquely offered by a duplex because it allows them to have their family close by without living on top of one another.

Families live close by but have their own extending living space. 

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It’s Ideal for Elderly Parents or Anyone in Need of Nearby Care


Another situation in which owning a duplex can make a really big difference is when you have elderly parents or anyone in the family who needs extra care and support.

Having them close by in their own private space can give you peace of mind and them the support they need to get the most out of their lives. Because the space is private so they are never made to feel like a burden because they have their own home still.

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It can be as Plain or As Luxurious as You Wish 


Bed 1 U2


A Champion Homes duplex can be as simple as you like if you are building to a budget or it can feature all the design elements of a beautiful luxury home.  

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Why build a Duplex in Sydney? 

There are many reasons why Sydney is a good location for building duplexes right now.


Land in Sydney is Harder to Find Than Ever Before


Sydney is a city that continues to grow at an extraordinary rate. From some perspectives, that’s a great thing because it shows people want to live and work here and that the city is vibrant and lively.

On the other hand, it means land is harder to come by than ever before and costs are rising for unused land. That’s why homeowners are turning to duplexes to help them get more out of their space than they would otherwise be able to.

A Duplex maximises your return on investment for the land it is on. 

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Get More Out of Limited Space




Getting more out of that limited space is an obvious part of building a duplex.

You can usually fit a duplex containing two homes onto a piece of land that would otherwise only have one home on it.

It’s about being more efficient with space and ensuring the land space available is exploited to its maximum potential. It’s the main reason why duplexes are growing in popularity around Sydney at the moment.

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Sydney Remains a Very Attractive Place to Live for Many




If you’re looking for reasons to create a rental opportunity on your land in Sydney, you can be reassured by the appeal of the city.

Many of the major parts of the Australian economy, including trade, manufacturing, finance and education are centred on Sydney and its surrounding areas.

It means there are lots of job opportunities and many people move here to work and enjoy local life from other parts of the country and other parts of the world.

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The Most Important Considerations to Make

Before you push ahead with any plans, you need to understand the key consideration to make when building a duplex. These are all important matters that can’t be ignored.


The Location of the Duplex


Spring Farm


The location of the duplex will obviously have an impact on its value and long-term potential.

If it’s in an appealing neighbourhood with a lot to offer, it will have a higher value on the rental market.

The location also matters if you want to appeal to commuters, so remember to think about transport links if you’re choosing a location that will offer maximum rental value in the future.

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Planning Permits


It’s vital to ensure you get a proper planning permit before going ahead with work.

Familiarise yourself with the local planning laws and make sure that your plans comply with them. If they don’t your application for a planning permit will simply be rejected and that’s probably not what you want to happen at all.

Of course an experienced Sydney Duplex Builder like Champion Homes will take a lot of this off your hands and do it for you so you can rest assured it’s being done properly. 

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Surveys and Reports 

Surveys and reports need to be carried out on your plot of land so that the planning process can be tailored to the specific needs of the land.

Things like rock removal and site fills can add extra costs to the building process, but these things need to be identified and sorted out before you can build on the land. These surveys and reports will also give the builders all the information they need to have about the site before they can start working on it.

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Layout and Design




Obviously, the layout and design of the building and the homes within it need to be considered. 

Of course, a duplex is a unique type of building, and this needs to be taken into account when the layout is being decided and the plans are being drawn up.

Make sure that each home has enough living space because you don’t want the interiors to feel too cramped. This is something that is best done alongside a professional.

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Because you’ll be creating a building with two homes, you need to make sure that your plans include details of the eventual parking space available.

If two families with a total of four adults are going to be living in the building, it’s possible that 4 or more cars will need to be parked outside the building at a time. Ensure you think this through and create adequate space for that.


Safety Requirements


There are laws that need to be followed by anyone building a home that regulate the safety of the building. This is also important if you’re going to be renting out one of the homes because as a landlord, you have the responsibility to provide a safe living environment for tenants. So be sure that all relevant safety standards and requirements are complied with on the build and thereafter.


Why Choose Champion Homes to Build Your Duplex? 

Champion Homes has a wealth of experience in building duplex properties in Sydney. Here’s why you should choose them to take on your project.

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We’re Duplex Specialists


Hampton Duplex - dusk-final


Adding extra space to your home makes sense, but if you want to do that work, it’s worth having it done properly.

Here at Champion Homes , we’re experts in Duplex construction, meaning we know what it takes to create duplexes that are expertly finished, spacious enough for families and stress-free for owners like you.

We’ve completed hundreds of these building projects before, so you should have no trouble putting your trust in us as your builders.

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We’ll Prepare All Relevant Plans and Reports


A design consultant from Champion Homes  will work with you to create a design for your duplex that works for you and achieves all the things you want it to.

They will help you set your budget before looking at the various plans and reports that need to be made.

We will ensure that all of this gets taken care of for you in a common sense kind of way. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to prepare those plans and reports properly for you, and that’s what we’ll do.

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Our Services Will Help You to Unlock the Value of Your Land


Our ultimate aim when working with you on the building of your duplex is to unlock the value of your land. Land is more expensive than ever and we understand that you want to get the most out of yours.




We’ll unlock the full potential of your block and create modern, stylish homes that you can be proud of and comfortable in, as will any tenants you eventually find to live in one of them. You’ll never have to feel like you’re not getting the most out of your land ever again.

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Let Champion Homes  help you build a duplex on your land in Sydney.  You just need to get in touch. We’ll listen to your needs and circumstances before getting to work on your project right away. 

A member of our talented team is always ready and waiting to take your call. Our number is 1800 118 747.

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