Paint Choices for Energy Efficiency

1 April, 2018 - BY Champion Homes

Paint Choices for Energy Efficiency When Building a Home in Sydney

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An energy efficient home can be more affordable in the long term, helping you to cut down on electricity usage for cooling and heating.

When we think of energy efficient house plans in Sydney, it’s often building materials and insulation that comes to mind.

One thing that is also critically important, but that you might not have considered, is the type of paint that you will use on your home.

Why is paint so important for energy efficiency?


Energy Efficiency is Important in Sydney House Plans


We don't have to tell you that Sydney’s warm sub-tropical climate is humid throughout most of the year, with scorching temperatures during the summer.

If you have to crank up the air conditioner every time that it’s hot outside, then you’re going to be left with excessive power bills at the end of every month.

Designing a home to be energy efficient is not just about air flow, insulation, and layout. The paint that covers your exteriors will also help to make your home cooler and more energy efficient.

Darker colours are something of a trend on modern homes, but these can actually perform negatively when it comes to energy efficiency.

Dark materials absorb more light, and can absorb and store heat throughout the day. The wrong material and paint choices can mean that your home continues to release heat in the evening when the ambient temperatures have dropped. This results in a warmer home that requires more energy to keep comfortable.

Light coloured materials and paints do the opposite, by reflecting light and reducing the amount of heat energy that is stored. Lighter colours will keep your home cooler throughout the day and will store and release less heat in the evening when the sun has gone down.


Help Your Home to Stand Out


Champion Homes Paint Selection


When you are working with new home builders you can discuss the best colour choices that will match your design aesthetic, while still remaining energy efficient.

Keep in mind that just because you should use lighter colours for Sydney’s warm climate and harsh sunshine hours, it doesn’t mean that you can’t accent your new home with darker colours.

The trim on your home, window frames, doors, and other special features can be finished in a contrasting accent colour without having any real negative impact on the energy efficiency of your home.

You can create the perfect combination of beauty and efficiency, leaving you with a home that you will love.


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